Friday, June 6, 2008

Feewings...Nothing more

There’s been a delay.

Apologies for all you wearing out the edge of your seat.

I’ll ease back in gently with a single, yet ultimately important piece of music.

From Brian Eno’s foundation-laying epic, “Another Green World.”

The track is called, “The Big Ship”

Now I can’t say exactly why, but this piece of music has a greater effect on me than any other in my possession.

No words. Repetitive. Rocking up and down like a creaky wooden ship at night. So airy and thick. Something's ending...or beginning...Or both.

I’ve never had a song evoke more imagery and feeling than this simple, dense three minutes and three seconds. Who's to say what infinitesimal compilation of personal experiences have led to this intense reaction, but man, it gets me. Chokes me up, sends shivers down my spine, all that. Not afraid to admit it. Not one bit.

I’m putting it out there. Laying my feelings in the open for you, dear reader, to mock, agree with, trample upon, or sear with your laser beam goggles and neon-spewing devil dartboards.

Do as you will. But be sure to listen loud and drink it in first.