Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Spanish Imposition

Once again, the force feeding.

For those of you who live in places other than Boston, here are the four hours of digital music I played at River Gods Bar Tuesday night.

I DJ’ed.

I controlled the lubricated minds of a lucky group of about 30 people from 8pm – 1am for a single night of their lives. I saw tears welling, smiles breaking, dollars dropping and coins collected.

I can only hope that the scattered songs I spun slipped secretly into the soul of some who witnessed with satisfaction. Seriously.

So here’s the musak. It was a pain in the nuts to get it all up on rapidshare – took up my whole goddamn day - so just deal with the fact that there ain’t no track listings.
If anyone actually reads this “blog,” downloads this music, listens to it and really, desperately needs to know what a particular track is, you can email me. But don’t expect an expedient response or anything. I could care less about you and your pathetic fanboy/girl requirements of me. I am of course kidding with you about the pathetic thing. Please inquire. I will respond with great zigor and vest.

River Gods 1
River Gods 2
River Gods 3
River Gods 4

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