Thursday, July 31, 2008


Watch out NYC ladies...
O Pointy Birds,
Pointy Pointy.
Anoint my head,

Monday, July 28, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Underwater Moonlight-ing...

There’s a simple something. An implanted wink that instinctually involves you in music, literature, anything. The composer, author, whomever decides to create something that, if enough attention is paid, allows you to join them for the ride. The ride that caused them to create in the first place.

The wink laced throughout Underwater Moonlight is more like a punch in the gut for me. A punch in the gut I so desperately long for. The snarling humor, snark, frothing wit, whatever you want to call it threaded through this compilation of songs is so smart, so real and so able to be interacted with that almost anyone can take a sliver of a smile away upon their very first listen. Robyn Hitchcock’s lyrical intelligence is something that extends atmospheres outside the realm of songwriting and into a space where anyone who creates anything can take a nugget of witticism out and say, “hey, these fucking guys are smart. And they write fucking incredibly catchy songs! Fuck.”

This album is a punch by punch, knock you on your ass songwriting masterpiece.

Aside: There’s that whole theory that those who were nerds in high school end up being the cool kids in life and the cool kids from high school are doomed to never leave the town in which they were “reared.” Theories are theories because they can’t consistently be proven true but I can see some of that idea in this music. The Soft Boys came about after they realized that after years of rejection, they’d become the cool kids. They are conscious of this fact and hang it over the head of those they've left behind, taking great joy in breathing a hearty, "fuck you." Their intelligent rebellion manifested itself in musical form dealing with rejection, anger and frustration, the resulting experimentation with psychedelics and the remarkably up-front and good-natured humor that surrounds it all. They know they've beat the high school kids, but why not taunt them just smidge more with their tight rhythm section.

This album stands out as one not part a movement. It stands out because it stands alone. It is timeless and gets me every time. Makes me want to jump around the room and destroy the joint with joy. Highlights include “Insanely Jealous,” “Kingdom of Love,” “I Want to Destroy You,” “Tonight,” “Underwater Moonlight,” and “You’ll have to go sidways.”

Hope you enjoy as much as I do….bitches.
This one’s a top 10-er.